DAUGHTER GIFTING MADE EASY ! - What to gift your Daughter?

Having Children is one of the most incredible thing in the whole World and it’s beautiful to remind them how much we love them with some little gifts.. but after a while it’s easy to find yourself without any gift idea wondering in your brain.

Don't Worry!  WE GOT YA ! 

Every piece of Jewelry comes within a beautiful Gift Box and a sweet Thank You note from our Side ! 

Here are 5 super sweet and original Jewelries to Gift & Surprise your Daughter !  

1. "Long Haired Dachshund Baby"  Necklace - Stainless Steel

If you have a loyal furry friend in your like you already know that he/she is her super best friend so why not make her the happiest by choosing a lovely Dog Pendant from the Animal Lover Collection? PS. With every sale we support Animal Shelters around the World. One more reason to choose our Jewels ! 

2. "Mother & Daughter Immense Love" Keychain

An old School & durable Key Chain as a reminder that she not only has the key of your House, but of your Heart too ! 

3. "My Message for You" Custom Necklace

Why not leave your Love Message in a special Envelope that she can carry everywhere with her? Beautiful & original Necklace in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver ready to be engraved with your special message.

4. "To my Daughter" Pendant Necklace 

cute necklace to gift to daughter in gold and silver with Winnie the Pooh

"To My Daughter" Gold or Silver Necklace can help expressing that immense love existing between Daughter and Mothers : " If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your Heart, I will stay there forever."  

5. "The Love Puzzle" Necklace

Watching her growing up you realize every day more how she is actually a little piece of you growing older by each passing day. Your forever bond is perfectly represented by this lovely & cute necklace set made of TWO pieces to be worn as a couple. Each time you are together. you will be tempted to make these pieces of the same puzzle meet again, because every time you are together is a time to celebrate the miracle of LIFE & LOVE ! 

Did you find the idea you were looking for ? We have  200+ original, high quality, affordable & customizable jewels on our Store and our mission is to make you find the perfect gift for your Daughter no matter what ! 


Much Love, 

Your Sagant Store