Girlfriend Gifts that will MAKE HER DAY !

What to gift your Girlfriend to make HER DAY?

We Got You Here!!

 Thinking of Doing something Special for your Love? Unfortunately flowers and drinks get over very fast. How about something that reminds her of the special day forever?

How about gifting her a beautiful Jewelry that she can wear all the time and every time she looks at it, it reminds her of you?

Every piece of Jewelry comes within a beautiful Gift Box and a sweet Thank You note from our Side! 

Here are some suggestions that we have come up with that you can gift your loved one and bring you closer to you even more:

  1. "Name Necklace" 18K Gold Plated


What better to gift her than a Name Necklace that is Unique and Elegant to her. This necklace comes in three different colours Golden, Silver and Rose Gold. Gift your Girl this Custom Jewelry in her favorite colour and see the happiness in her eyes when you gift her one! It will definitely be a beautiful moment to remember!

  1. "Destiny" Ring in Gold and Silver


What do you think of the Ring of Destiny? Isn’t your beautiful relationship with your loved one a proof of Destiny that lets you now that you are meant for each other? If you truly believe that, then this RING OF DESTINY is the perfect gift choice for her! More than a ring, this is a way of conveying your deepest and truest form of emotions to her!

  1. “Sweet-Heart” Ring


To all the boyfriends out there, if you haven’t gifted your Girl a ring with a heart, you haven’t shown your love it! Gifts are a way of conveying your love to her! A ring symbolizes Eternal Long Lasting Love. Gift her this in a beautiful box and remind her of the never ending love you have for her! The Ring comes in Golden and Silver Colour. Choose her Favorite colour and GO FOR IT!

  1. “Memoir of You” Custom Necklace


You cannot say No to this! You have the girl of your life and a photo of you two that is memorable, why not make it eternal with this beautiful custom necklace. Drop your message and share a beautiful photo, and we will customize this necklace for you! This Necklace will be a reminder to your love and will remind her of you whenever she sees it. Sometimes you do need a reminder to value and acknowledge the good times and the beautiful memories you both have created

  1. “My Message for You” Custom Necklace


There was an age when people wrote love letters to each other and then we got Technology! But sometimes we should follow the old ways to realize its true value! Hence, we have got this custom necklace for you! Write a short, beautiful message and have it imprinted on the Necklace that you can gift your Love! Every time she opens the small envelope, it will remind her of your True Love for her! Choose from three different colours and ORDER this Necklace NOW!

These were the top 5 Picks from our end. Want to explore more? Check out from our various collections and pick one that conveys your Love to your Girlfriend! A small gesture can create a beautiful every lasting memory which cannot be described but felt!

Much Love, 

Your Sagant Store