About Us

👉How it all started 💕

The journey that have led me to finally make my wish come true and open this little cute jewellery shop started in the mystical India.

Hey but where are my manners?!

Let me first quickly introduce myself to you. 

Hi and Welcome to the one and only Sagant Store!

My name is Antonella and I am the founder & proud creator behind these words and Jewels. I am a traveler, a polyglot and a sucker for fashion and style, yes, being Italian made it almost impossible not to be.

I love creating original styles, outfits and off-the-grid mix of accessories..that's how one day I realised that I would have loved to spread my little creations across the Globe. I have tons and tons of jewels and one day I made a weird connection and that's how it all revert back to those days back in India.

In my last trip to India I have learnt many words but one that I really liked was the word "Sagar". It means Ocean in Hindi and it made me smile, thinking about how many times I have described my own jewellery Box like "An Ocean of Jewels".

This is how I have decided to name my shop Sagant Jewels Store, giving it a touch of French, selecting and creating more than 200 unique Jewels to give YOU all the pieces you need to make your Personality Speak louder and louder in this World.

My favourite motto is always the same:


Because nobody is like You and You should Be Proud of who you are !"


🌍Traveling I have learnt the meaning of giving back to those less fortunate than me, people and animals both, that's why in my business I have decided to expand my charity effort.

Don't just take, GIVE 👉 For every item YOU purchase, we donate a part of the profit to charity organizations helping dogs & cats in need.


💌Enjoy your Shopping & feel free to share on our Social Media pages your Feedbacks !